About Us

Park Place Commercial, LP is a limited partnership that was formed to own and to redevelop 908 to 940 E. Colorado, Pasadena, California, into an upscale, limited service boutique hotel and new 5 story retail / office building.  Park Place Commercial’s General Partner, represented by Singpoli Pacifica, has more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate construction and development.  The company’s directors, all with development and construction experience, include a general contractor, an architect, an attorney, a real estate broker, and an accountant. The synergy created by this group of professionals; each with their area of expertise, has been key to achieving the anticipated project milestones to date and will facilitate the timely and successful completion of the project.  

The subject property contains a historical 7-story hotel and attached single story retail space. While the 7-story hotel will be renovated, the single story retail structure will be demolished to construct the new retail / office building.






The existing seven story hotel was constructed in 1926 and named The Hotel Constance. 1920-1930 was considered Pasadena’s Golden Age.  Through the end of the 1920's, Pasadena continued to enjoy a reputation as a tourist center and winter resort for the wealthy.  About this same time period, the historic Central Library, City Hall, and Civic Auditorium were also constructed.  However, from 1930-1970, Pasadena experienced challenges of the depression and the gradual decline as experienced by many urban areas in the United States during this period.  Since the 1970’s, Pasadena has roared back to its former glory days as the city center has been actively restored and redeveloped.  Today, Pasadena is considered one of the premier Cities in the Los Angeles area.



The New Hotel Constance  


The good old days are here again.  The existing, dilapidated seven story structure, the old Hotel Constance, will be renovated into an upscale limited service boutique hotel.  It is our plan to preserve the history of the old Hotel Constance and to bring back the former glory of the hotel to the east side of Pasadena.



Mixed-Use Retail and Office Building


The new retail/office building will consist of three stories of below grade parking and five stories above grade retail and office space.  Once completed, this site will become one of the premier retail and office developments due to the proximity to Lake and Colorado, the center of Pasadena’s business district. The hotel, office and retail / restaurant spaces will be complimentary uses and be mutually beneficial. Furthermore, the hotel will provide much needed rooms for the central business district.














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